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Syllable, AtheOS The Syllable project has released a new package of Builder, the system that builds Syllable, its native applications, and ported applications. Builder can also be installed on Linux. This release matches the Syllable 0.6.4 source code. It also contains the beginnings of a branch for the upcoming Syllable Server based on the Linux kernel. Part of the documentation for Builder was just integrated in the new Syllable documentation set. The full manual is in Builder/README. Further, the development version for the next Syllable release already has a new gigabit ethernet driver, for the D-Link DL2000.
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RE[3]: What's the point?
by Vanders on Sat 21st Jul 2007 11:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: What's the point?"
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I'm not going to sit here and claim it can't be done, but LinuxBIOS is a pretty contrived test case. If you notice, they're using KDrive (Nee. TinyX) which is a highly stripped down X, specifically designed for this type of application, and a very lightweight window manager.

You can strip X down, but you lose most of the modern functionality in the process. If you add a modern toolkit on top of that (I.e. Qt or GTK+) you've broken straight through the 2MB barrier.

It should be possible to do a lightweight system based on a lightweight X, but no one is doing that. The obvious question to ask is "Why not?"

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