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PC-BSD The first beta of PC-BSD 1.4 has been released. "After months of hard work, the PC-BSD team is pleased to make available the 1.4 BETA release. This version includes many exciting new features and software, such as 3D desktop support via Beryl, KDE 3.5.7, FreeBSD 6.2, Xorg 7.2, new GUI tools & utilities, and much more." Get it from the download page.
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RE[6]: Wow!
by Core Duo on Sun 22nd Jul 2007 01:14 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Wow!"
Core Duo
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installing DEBs is as easy as intalling PBIs (double click, pass, ckick, done)

This is easier for you but not for everybody. Not for me at least.

except PBIs are bad

If it were bad, the software developers wouldn't have invented it, they would have designed it differently. Also, it would be spread everywhere that it's bad. It's not the case, people are loving it.

It does indeed, but at the expense of security.

Why? Applications are run as user, like on Debian (not as root)

Autopackage a Linux distro agnostic package system is far superior to PBI, because it checks for dependencies and installs them using the your distro native package manager. Hence Autopackage is much more secure.

You didn't explain why it's more secure. Because it uses the package manager? That doesn't make it more secure. And PBIs already have dependencies so the job is already done, no need to look for them. So you don't have to be connected to the Internet to install an application. And it doesn't make a PBI insecure.

you can install stuff using repositories, which is much more convenient than having to search the internet for stuff. Period.

You seem to be the kind of Linux nazi who doesn't agree/accept that some people have different tastes and feelings. If you think having to use Synaptic, YaST, Adept or whatever tool to install applications, fine. But there are people who just don't want to use that.

If you think otherwise than either you've never used Ubuntu and its "Add/Remove Programs" tool or Synaptic more than once

I'm pretty confident that 90%+ of PC-BSD users have used it, they mention these tools all the time on the forum. They all ask the differences between Linux and BSD, and *many* of them are also Ubuntu users. I am one of them, since Hoary.

But you can't say it's hard do install stuff on Linux.

Yes I can. I have a hard time to do it, especially when you have to deal with applications of the non-free and multiverse repos. Please bear with me, I'm not a software developer.

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