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PC-BSD The first beta of PC-BSD 1.4 has been released. "After months of hard work, the PC-BSD team is pleased to make available the 1.4 BETA release. This version includes many exciting new features and software, such as 3D desktop support via Beryl, KDE 3.5.7, FreeBSD 6.2, Xorg 7.2, new GUI tools & utilities, and much more." Get it from the download page.
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Multiple Free OS Platforms are Cool!
by PunchCardGuy on Sun 22nd Jul 2007 10:33 UTC
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I have never tried any of the free *BSD alternatives, but it seems like the time is rapidly approaching to jump in. It looks like the PC-BSD project has gotten to the point that a useable, modern, free *BSD-based desktop system can now be installed without a lot of bit-twiddling and text editor munging. That is cool for someone like me who has become lazy in his old age ;-)! That's why I like fiddling with Mepis and Sabayon more that I like messing with Slackware or Arch.

I am constantly amused by the OS(kernel)-centric evangelism I see here and elsewhere. I say that multiple platforms and choices are GOOD, and I am happy to see that the free *BSDs are alive and kicking, along with the other more obscure OSes, too. There is no need or reasonable purpose that I can see for denigrating any OS. We need them all (and maybe more) in order to keep the flow of fresh ideas coming. Ultimately, the best ones will live on and the bad ones will die, to all of our benefit.

It is true that LINUX is not as carefully engineered as the *BSDs, but the goals of each are different as well. And even with some of the quasi-experimental code that sometimes makes its way into the LINUX mainline tree, this usually stabilizes after a few kernel revisions. As for the *BSDs, I can speak to this as a Sun Solaris user and administrator back in the day, as the Solaris code base is BSD. This was and is a very well engineered, robust, stable and secure OS platform. So, we get both worlds when looking at the most popular free OS platforms: stability and security with *BSD, and bleeding edge new technology and ideas with LINUX. All good, nothing bad here.

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