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PC-BSD The first beta of PC-BSD 1.4 has been released. "After months of hard work, the PC-BSD team is pleased to make available the 1.4 BETA release. This version includes many exciting new features and software, such as 3D desktop support via Beryl, KDE 3.5.7, FreeBSD 6.2, Xorg 7.2, new GUI tools & utilities, and much more." Get it from the download page.
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RE[7]: Wow!
by Doc Pain on Sun 22nd Jul 2007 12:40 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Wow!"
Doc Pain
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"One big difference between FreeBSD and any Linux distribution is that the base is completely standardized. This eliminates many of the dependency issues that you see with different linux distributions."

You're completely correct. While Linux comes in many distributions, FreeBSD (and so PC-BSD) are only one distribution. FreeBSD and PC-BSD share the same core OS, while FreeBSD is "just the OS" and PC-BSD is "the OS with KDE, preconfiguration and some system related tools". Furthermore, PC-BSD extended the ways of installing software (packages, ports) with their own PBI system, but it does not force you to use it, as I have explained before (allthough it's recommended).

One disadvantage of PBI can be seen as follows: It consumes more space because dependent libraries are installed twice or more, specific to each application. Library update requires application updates of the applications refered to before. But because we have enough time and disk space, it doesn't matter anyway. :-)

"The ports system takes care of it, and the packaging of the ports do handle all the dependencies correctly."

The precompiled packages that you can install and download via pkg_add are based on the ports tree which is updated and precompiled in short time distances. Usually, you don't compile on your system, except you really need (or want) to. Precompiled packages are very comfortable.

Personally, I prefer the FreeBSD way with pkg_add, because it does not force me to sit at the computer to click next, next, next, done. You can even automate installation processes and be absent.

"While there's a crying need for autopackage in the Linux work, the uniformity of the FreeBSD deployed base makes it unnecessary there."

True. Applications that are present in the ports tree do run on any FreeBSD system, be it FreeBSD, DesktopBSD or PC-BSD.

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