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PC-BSD The first beta of PC-BSD 1.4 has been released. "After months of hard work, the PC-BSD team is pleased to make available the 1.4 BETA release. This version includes many exciting new features and software, such as 3D desktop support via Beryl, KDE 3.5.7, FreeBSD 6.2, Xorg 7.2, new GUI tools & utilities, and much more." Get it from the download page.
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RE[3]: my problem with pc-bsd
by Doc Pain on Sun 22nd Jul 2007 13:35 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: my problem with pc-bsd"
Doc Pain
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Please forgive me reformatting your text, but I think it's better to read without forced line breaks (aligning and linebreaking work automatically here).

"OK good least 3 modern
jukboxes let's say rhytmbox, exaile and amarak"

All of them are available. Amarok comes with KDE, I think, but is available as PBI. Rythmbox and Exaile can be installed additionally (ports, packages).

"Video: mplayer , totem-xine and vlc + full set of codecs(Fedora has this down pat)"

Via PBI you get kmplayer, xine and VLC. The codecs can be installed via PBI too, if I remember correctly, but of course you can compile your own mplayer with any options you like (and are permitted to use by law).

# cd /usr/ports/multimedia/mplayer
# ee Makefile.local
... insert your options here, see documentation ...
# make install

"P2P: emule, apollon, frostwire, bittorent"

PBIs include KTorrent and Opera 9 has a torrent client included. The rest - with exception of frostwire - can be installed via ports / packages.

# pkg_add -r apollon

"Web: Opera with flash-9 and java applets same for firefox"

Fine! Opera 9 via PBI, Flash 9... not yet, but Flash 7. maybe you can use the Linux Flash 9 plugin via Linux ABI (alternative binary interface, "Linux emulation"). Java (JDK, JRE) is native on PC-BSD. Firefox too.

"Must be able to launch CDs and DVDs automatically if desired like Fedora or windows.."

I think KDE has this annoying habit. :-)

"I did try PC-BSD a year ago and found that while the kernel seemed more stable and snappier than linux it failed due to missing applications above."

You didn't know about did you? Most of your applications are there, and the rest can be installed via ports or packages. Just take a look.

# cd /usr/ports
# make search name=bittorrent

"Don't get me wrong..I would rather have BSD than linux as my kernel because linux is a hack in many more ways than PC-BSD. But, like windows, it kinda works.."

Personally, I would prefer a system that is good for a long period of time, rather than a systen that is "the best" (or claims to be) for a very short period of time. BSD offers stability, but Linux supports more hardware. Just think about what you're going to do. Always use the right tool. As a sidenote: I've seen lots of "Windows" that... kinda not works.... :-) same for Linux (allthough just a very very small percentage), when FreeBSD did the job perfectly. So I think it depends on you what your system will be able to do.

"Anyway I will give the new PC-BSD a fair shake and
report u know if PC-BSD runs well as a vmware guest in linux? "

Uh... never tried this... but I think it is possible, but may lack in speed. Don't you have a spare hard disk floating around? Or a space PC? :-)

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RE[4]: my problem with pc-bsd
by OStourist on Sun 22nd Jul 2007 14:09 in reply to "RE[3]: my problem with pc-bsd"
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Well I think we agree on the same goals..I would love a Desktop unix that is as rock solid, fast and efficient on your PC as say Solaris is on an Ultra 20 workstation ;)
Of course I knew about the PBIs..I just found that many had a lot of bugs and that doing things like
watching utube or cnn videos caused crashes way too often.

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