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X11, Window Managers "I've written a lengthy article covering what I learned during the last two years building the Xegl display server. Topics include the current X server, framebuffer, Xgl, graphics drivers, multiuser support, using the GPU, and a new display server design. Hopefully it will help you fill in the pieces and build an overall picture of the graphics landscape."
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Not X
by tony on Wed 31st Aug 2005 07:38 UTC
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My favorite graphics system was on NeXTSTEP. The things that system could do: 12-bit graphics, window-dragging, fully obfect oriented (and seanless in that regard, as opposed to multiple clipboards, multiple libs, etc.), display PostScript... all on 25/33 MHz processors with sometimes only 8 MB of RAM (32 MB was pure luxury).

That environment of course became the basis for MacOS X (even the window server process is still the same name I believe).

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RE: Not X
by gypsumfantastic on Wed 31st Aug 2005 10:02 in reply to "Not X"
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Indeed, Quartz is a direct linear descendant of Display Postscript. It is, for want of a better phrase, Display PDF with an Open GL backend.

It's also proprietary. X is Free, but we seem unable as a community to produce anything of Quartz's quality. It also seems to me that we're seeing Quartz receding so far ahead of us into the distance that it's a embarassment to the entire Free Software desktop.

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RE[2]: Not X
by on Wed 31st Aug 2005 19:57 in reply to "RE: Not X"
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I agree totally. As far as networking is concerned, X is well and truly out of date - throwing (up to 32-bit) bitmaps across even a 1Gb/s LAN is just plain silly, and hideously inefficient.

NoMachine have done an excellent job with NX, but the stone cold fact is that even NX isn't all that great - I know, I've used it. Having said that though, it was across an ADSL network, and the upload speed was only 256Kb/s.

What X needs, once it has been modularised properly, is to create an additional stack, which allows X servers to send drawing commands across the network, while keeping the bitmap-based stack for compatibility purposes. should dust off the archives and look at things like Sun's NeWS (remember that?), and develop something similar, preferably with XML-based drawing instructions.

I also think that graphics hardware should NOT be controlled by X directly, but by the kernel. It is after all the kernel's job to manage hardware, and it's the X server's job to manage displays. There should be a clear border between the two.

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RE[2]: Not X
by japail on Wed 31st Aug 2005 20:49 in reply to "RE: Not X"
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Is Cairo/Glitz "Display PDF with an Open GL backend?"

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