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Hardware, Embedded Systems Five years after the concept was first proposed, the so-called USD 100 laptop is poised to go into mass production. Hardware suppliers have been given the green light to ramp-up production of all of the components needed to build millions of the low-cost machines.
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Most of the kids will not benefit
by funny_irony on Tue 24th Jul 2007 04:47 UTC
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1) Parent cannot afford it
2) No reliable electrical power supply
3) Parent do not understand the important of education
4) Parent die of aids

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1) governments buy, partially with the support of several funds

2) they prepared the OLPC-laptop for that case: just take a look at the specs/images

3) this is a great chance to show the children and their parents

4) we'll die in cancer - to be practically as serious as you are

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