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Gentoo "Over the past few days, I discovered that the Gentoo Foundation's charter is in the process of being revoked by the state of New Mexico, apparently due to regular paperwork not being filed by the trustees. What this means is that the Gentoo Foundation is currently hanging for its life by a string, and at any day could cease to exist as an entity. That is the very bad news. The good news is that I was able to talk to Grant Goodyear (trustee) this morning on the phone, and I have confirmed that Grant had received my email about the revocation issue that I sent 2 days ago and that he will be resolving this critical issue in the next couple of days by filing the appropriate paperwork with the state of New Mexico, and this paperwork will also remove me as President of the Foundation."
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RE[13]: I hope things work out
by cyclops on Tue 24th Jul 2007 23:35 UTC in reply to "RE[12]: I hope things work out"
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You got caught out on your lack of knowledge on Gentoo basic release system which is Mask;unstable;stable. First by insisting that the later releases of the KDE3 branch were not available. To cover up this you moved onto implying that a *new* release should *automatically* be marked stable on an ecosystem of 1000's of packages, without proper testing even though as a user you have the possibility of overriding this if *you* think you know better than the developers. I even pointed out possible exceptions to this. Finally you moved onto the fact that KDE4 should be available for Gentoo, after it being pointed out that you could simply use a SVN build for an unreleased *Major* component involving large numbers of users most of whom rely on having a *working* OS hense all the Masking; Unstable; Stable stuff; You have finally Moved onto saying that a yet unreleased package should be part of the main system. I will point out that its not unusual for releases of this Magnitude to have pre-releases available as masked packages, but like I say having official packages of unreleased components is crackers. Your defending your own lack of knowledge. You have wasted this thread by not researching how Gentoo works.

Your final comment is suitably bizarre..and new and I will respond to it. Innovation...I love this word plenty on here use it but its become crass, and real innovation like sugar is ignored.

You are arguing that Gentoo should *not* use Vanilla packages, on a Meta-Distribution. If you so not see the irony of that statement than I give up. Gentoo allows you to use whatever alternative menu you want in KDE...or any desktop allows you to swap and change components however you want. The KDE-Lite package allows you to install the components of KDE you want and no others. Any new component would just become *another* package. Although personally I'm against anything that is is not Vanilla unless its a real fork.

Now the reality is that Gentoo *specific* packages exist...the *sensible* ones. Installers and portage GUI for easier installation and management, and components that add a Gentoo look.

If you are saying that Gentoo does not add bugfixes, or have developers that both work on packages, clearly you have never used Gentoo. In a lot of ebuilds portage sub-directory there is a directory marked files which contain various patches. Which are submitted back to the developers...and the source is available to everyone the code is distributed to.

The bottom line is your a timewaster.

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RE[14]: I hope things work out
by b00gie on Wed 25th Jul 2007 00:48 in reply to "RE[13]: I hope things work out"
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first i never moved from a statement to another.
all i have already said are valid.
You must be new in gentoo so it's ok by me.
Please consider that i'm not asking for something new ;)
if i remember right they had ebuilds for all alpha,beta,rc releases with patches in portage in old days (missed them ;_;) for kde.
if i also recall right gentoo had also many ebuilds for prerelease of gnome for version 2 (a major release).
so it's not something new because that time everyone was living at real bleeding edge.

and... no... contribution is in a low lvl.
Most of the times the patches they use are coming from upstream.
For example, recently they removed xine support from totem (they said none from the team use xine lol). Of course it's easy for me to make a new ebuild but..hey.. is that the freedom u ask for?
What if we have to do with a more complicated installation?
Another example...
There is a well known bug in wxgtk that crashes applications like amule (both stable).
It exists for MONTHS and you know it's not an easy case. You cannot always make the superman and fix ebuilds or update them your own.
Bugs depends on other bugs and a user can't make it all by himself.
I think the msg is simple and well known to the management...
Gentoo has to make serious recruits and be more policed, with new ideas and freedom for their developers to make as they wish and have FUN.

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For example, recently they removed xine support from totem (they said none from the team use xine lol). Of course it's easy for me to make a new ebuild but..hey.. is that the freedom u ask for?

You really try to use any strawman argument you can to bash Gentoo? So, if they removed Xine support from Totem, then they did that. You still get to choose more than you get with any binary distro where you can't decide at all what features are apps compiled with. In a binary distro you just gotta stick with what the package provides.

And well, I don't know of any wxGTK bugs, all the apps are working just fine on my system. YMMV.

and tell me now in which way gentoo project contributes e.g in kde?
how many developers are working on kde4?
and not just kde but any other project...
let me remind you that most major "static" distros contribute with innovative code, one guy from suse made a new kde menu, the other guy from ubuntu made a new menu editor for gnome etc etc...

Err, that's utterly stinky BS :O Gentoo devs don't contribute to any of the open-source projects? Bah! They're just as active as the devs for any other distro, and you know very well that was a strawman.

If you don't like Gentoo, then don't. But stop trolling, please. I f.ex. don't like Ubuntu, but I'm not bashing it nor am I trolling around, I just choose something that pleases me; yes, Gentoo.

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