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Hardware, Embedded Systems The head of PC maker Acer, Gianfranco Lanci, has hit out at Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system, saying that the 'entire industry' was disappointed by it. Few buyers have purchased new PCs specifically for Vista, Acer's chief says "The entire industry is disappointed by Windows Vista," the head of the world's fourth-biggest PC maker told the Financial Times Deutschland in its online edition on Monday. Never before had a new version of Windows done so little to boost PC sales, he said. "And that's not going to change in the second half of this year," Mr Lanci said. "I really don't think that someone has bought a new PC specifically for Vista."
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A first week success
by bousozoku on Wed 25th Jul 2007 05:09 UTC
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Vista did okay right away because the Windows/Microsoft fanatics bought it, just like the Mac OS X/Apple fanatics do with Mac OS X.

Then, it came down to real needs and a lot of people apparently don't need it or have the hardware to run it.

It's sad that Vista didn't help Acer's sales but that's life with computers, right? It's like the t.v. commercial where the man is driving his new computer home only to find that it's been replaced in the product line.

It's obvious that Microsoft aren't selling sufficient numbers of Vista or they wouldn't be backpedaling on their licence agreements concerning virtulisation, etc.

If Acer had better reliability numbers, they might have better sales.

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RE: A first week success
by cyclops on Wed 25th Jul 2007 05:59 in reply to "A first week success"
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I don't like the term fanatic when its used by Vista users, and I can see a lot to be excited about with Apple, although not really the OS, although hopefully their next OS offering will come with a few surprises.

You can use terms like despair; desperation; apologizing; scapegoating; blinkered; blind because *those* terms are true and you don't have to lower yourself.

It did well because of mass buying of licenses by OEM, the Vista users your referring to get it *free* from work. If they had to pay they would be as enthusiastic as these sales figures.

Acer have proportionally better sales they are the movers and shakers of the OEM world. Its a small article you should look at it.,1000000308,39285526,00.htm
Acer is forth and climbing.

Vista hasn't successfully obsoleted XP simply because of the backward compatibility problem Windows makes an awful lot of money from and 1 billion users is difficult to shift...look at GNU adoption, and well Vista has *problems* adoption being the one that matters most here.

The bottom line is software drives hardware adoption, this is a massive turnaround, and now hardware manufactures are paying not just the price of crippled hardware development, but of adoption as well. Microsoft stopped time...and well people are just waiting for the machines to die.

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