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Intel "Intel announced today that they're open-sourcing their cross-platform Thread Building Blocks 2.0 (TBB) template library. While the company contributes code to open-source project like the Linux kernel and drivers, the opening of TBB marks the first time that Intel has taken a commercial tool and open-sourced it, making it Intel's largest open-source commitment to date."
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And don't forget
by boudewijn on Wed 25th Jul 2007 17:13 UTC
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Mirko's ThreadWeaver library, based on Qt4. It's also task-based and makes pervasive multithreading incredibly easy. I use it everywhere in Krita.

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RE: And don't forget
by renox on Wed 25th Jul 2007 19:10 in reply to "And don't forget"
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If I understand correctly TBB also provides a STL-like library which is multi-threading "friendly/compatible", whereas ThreadWeaver is just a "threaded batch scheduler".

So they're not really the same thing..

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