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NetBSD "The NetBSD Foundation announces that it has hired Andrew Doran to work full-time on improving symmetrical multi-processing in NetBSD. This work is made possible through a generous donation by Force10 Networks and internal funding by The NetBSD Foundation. Andrew Doran is an independent, Dublin based Unix systems consultant with special interest in building scalable systems. He has been a NetBSD developer since 1999 and is currently working on the transition from a big-lock SMP implementation to a fine-grained model, which allows multiple CPUs to execute code in kernel context simultaneously. Hiring Andrew full-time will boost work in this area, with the final result of a SMP implementation that is ready for tomorrow's multi-core-CPUs."
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When people (like you) say (again) about merging code base of BSDs, that NetBSD is a dead project... oh, nevermind.

I bet a lot of money you never read or used neither NetBSD nor the other BSDs, never did a "hello_world.c" or looked to a C code in your life.

Get a job, dude.

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I already have a job that pays very well. Why would I want another?

Regarding merging, perhaps the wording was a little too vague. Of course, someone with any sort of industry experience will understand what merging codebases are. One would simply just look at Oracle "merging" Peoplesoft/OneWorld into Oracles ERP or Microsoft merging Axapta, GP, Navision into their Dynamics Line, or how they merged Windows 95/98 into their NT line. But perhaps I should have been more specific about merge since there are soooo many projects that have actually "merged" code like the way you talked about. What I probably should have said, and which is common sense for anyone who knows a thing about computers, is that the NetBSD people should announce publicly that they are merging with another project. Then they can grab some features from the other OS to get people moving to a certain direction. And while people are slowly moving that way, they can start heavily contributing to the other project so that it will be fully ready for the merger (that is step 1, the codebase merger). Once they are ready for the move, then they announce the projects are merged (step 2 in my original post.) Maybe I should have said that but then it would have been a really really long and useless post. Before posting another reply about merging code base on another forum(Oh, gosh, you mean I can't just put all the C headers together and things wont automatically start working), take a second to think about things. Think back and try to remember the project that you were able to "merge" like they way you talk about? If you actually can think of a project, even one where you did not work on specifically, can you just tell us normal neanderthals whether or not running cat fixed everything automatically.

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Oh, what a lot of shit. Developers are NOT merging NetBSD with another project, and they won't. Pay attention to this: NetBSD, and the other BSDs, doesn't has the same goals Microsoft or Oracle have.

Have you looked at NetBSD website some time? Development mailing lists? I don't know why people like you, who knows nothing about the project, come here to make statements like these.

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