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Linux After years of being relegated to server racks and the desktops of ultrageeks, Linux is finally making some headway as a viable alternative to Windows on the consumer desktop. That's the optimistic message delivered by a newly energized contingent of Linux proponents. By employing the same consumer-friendly marketing techniques practiced by Microsoft, and by taking advantage of the rising popularity of web-based applications, Linux vendors are getting ready for what they say will be a wave of consumer interest in the free operating system.
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RE: hmmm
by anda_skoa on Thu 26th Jul 2007 18:38 UTC in reply to "hmmm"
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untill u take the word "compile" completely out of installing software

"compile" is never involved in "installing software". Compiling or build a software is always at least one step before installing, no matter if you are an end user and install pre-compiled software, or if you are a developer and build the software yourself.

But you were probably just flamebaiting, weren't you?

you NEVER have to open a bash shell

That's easy. I NEVER have to open a bash shell, I use zsh ;)

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