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Linux After years of being relegated to server racks and the desktops of ultrageeks, Linux is finally making some headway as a viable alternative to Windows on the consumer desktop. That's the optimistic message delivered by a newly energized contingent of Linux proponents. By employing the same consumer-friendly marketing techniques practiced by Microsoft, and by taking advantage of the rising popularity of web-based applications, Linux vendors are getting ready for what they say will be a wave of consumer interest in the free operating system.
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RE[2]: This again?
by WorknMan on Thu 26th Jul 2007 21:21 UTC in reply to "RE: This again?"
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As long as people are aware of choice, someday they get curious and try it. Some may get a bad taste, but they'll try again someday.

Or at least you hope they will ...

Evil corporate types stay the same, free software always gets better. Just make sure people get the info, they'll change sides if they want to, in their own time.

Corporations are not inherently evil. Whether they are good or evil depends on what will make them the most money. Take Apple for example - they're 'the good guys' when it comes to desktop computers, but they rule portable media space with an iron fist. (Otherwise, why can't I play wma files on an iPod?)
And corporations do change when they start losing money. Take Nintendo for example - compare them to how they were in the past (when everyone hated them) compared to how they are now. IBM, the same way. Anyone remember Apple's '1984' commercial?

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