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Linux After years of being relegated to server racks and the desktops of ultrageeks, Linux is finally making some headway as a viable alternative to Windows on the consumer desktop. That's the optimistic message delivered by a newly energized contingent of Linux proponents. By employing the same consumer-friendly marketing techniques practiced by Microsoft, and by taking advantage of the rising popularity of web-based applications, Linux vendors are getting ready for what they say will be a wave of consumer interest in the free operating system.
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RE[3]: hmmm
by biteydog on Fri 27th Jul 2007 09:19 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: hmmm"
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As a Linux user since 1999, with SuSE 6.2, I have never had to compile anything to make it work. Note that I said "never had to compile", not "never compiled" - I have compiled some things for various reasons, but never just for regular production software.

Also, and this goes back to SuSE 6.2 as well, when I was a n00b I never opened a terminal for the first 6 months, and everything "just worked", although I admit some of it didn't work that well, as most KDE apps were in Alpha, and Gnome was in an even earlier state. The only thing that required any "technical stuff" was editing one text file to unlock the modem, a fix that was easily found using Altavista search (it was pre-Google) on a friend's machine.

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