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Microsoft "In his keynote at OSCON, Microsoft General Manager of Platform Strategy Bill Hilf announced that Microsoft is submitting its shared source licenses to the Open Source Initiative. This is a huge, long-awaited move. It will be earthshaking for both Microsoft and for the open source community if the licenses are in fact certified as open source licenses. Microsoft has been releasing a lot of software as shared source (nearly 650 projects, according to Bill). If this is suddenly certified as true open source software, it will be a lot harder to draw a bright line between Microsoft and the open source community." In addition, Microsoft has launched a new website where it details its relationship with open source.
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RE[7]: Yet another
by SlackerJack on Fri 27th Jul 2007 17:26 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Yet another"
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It's hardly the same thing, I dont think game devs would make much money with such a small user base, And they use DirectX anyway.

Windows/Consoles are where all the big money is, but that dont stop idSoftware, Epic and others porting. id and Epic have OpenGL in their engines anyway so it's not such a big deal.

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RE[8]: Yet another
by google_ninja on Fri 27th Jul 2007 17:34 in reply to "RE[7]: Yet another"
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What is the difference? There are more gamers on linux then there are illustrators.

And carmack lost faith in opensource with Doom3. OGL didnt give him what he needed, and the linux version barely sold any copies. Nowadays he is on directX with everyone else.

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RE[9]: Yet another
by SlackerJack on Fri 27th Jul 2007 17:46 in reply to "RE[8]: Yet another"
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Where did you read that?, carmack's new engine is in OpenGL, he even said DX10 was not a big deal.

It's nothing to do with OpenSource, Linux drivers 3d is better than ever, it's just the mind set of people that you have to change. As far as alot of people are concerned, linux has only a handful of games which is totally untrue.

By the way, there was no "linux version" of Doom3, you had to download the binaries from idSoftware just like Quake4, Your making stuff up as you go along i'm sure of it.

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