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Bugs & Viruses A lot of people have been emailing us about an issue we are having with one of our ads taking over OSNews. Thank you all for emailing us, the information provided is of good use to us. We are currently working on the problem, and will let you know once it has been fixed. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience. Update by DA: I think that I've tracked down the offender. Read more for details Update 2: This time I think we really fixed it.
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Serving appropriate ads
by zimbatm on Sat 28th Jul 2007 13:08 UTC
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I don't know for the other readers, but I really HATE it when I can't read an article because there is an ad trying to get all my attention by whizz and banging. Honestly, I wouldn't have AdBlock installed if all the ads where served as simple text.

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RE: Serving appropriate ads
by shykid on Sat 28th Jul 2007 16:25 in reply to "Serving appropriate ads"
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Ditto. I have no problem with advertising except when it gets in my face, then I feel more than inclined and entitled to block it--if the advertising is in-your-face, I'm not going to click it on it regardless.

Sadly, that's the case with some of the advertising programs OSNews uses, so their most of ads are automatically in my hosts file. It's not an OSNews problem; it's a problem with their advertisers promiscuously accepting bad ads. If they'd clean up their act, I'd gladly remove them from my hosts file.

I still see the HiMobile and Pure Mobile 'verts on the left side, but they don't bother me at all. They're unobtrusive, have a small filesize, and aren't Flash. I'd actually be inclined to click on those if they struck my fancy.

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