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RE: Stop blocking ads!
by UltraZelda64 on Sun 29th Jul 2007 05:39 UTC in reply to "Stop blocking ads!"
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I used to sit through the ads. I didn't like it, but they were there, and they at least didn't bother me that bad. Sometimes, if something interested me, there might have been a chance that I'd click it (although rarely). That was years ago. Just plain, simple, gif picture ads. Thank advertisers for not only merely trying to "get our attention," but now also:

-Annoying me with Flash ads that take up a ridiculous amount of processor cycles, literally slowing the computer down at times.

-As if those Flash ads weren't bad enough, there are ones with sound. These ones literally drive me up the wall... or should I say, did. Nothing like sitting at the computer at night, tired, peace and quiet... and all the sudden... instant headache as you scramble for that volume knob. Or all the times I just want my computer to STFU and play my music, and more crap starts playing. Sorry, but this is my computer--and if these ads start annoying me even past the web pages they were intending to fund (er, distract you from), they've gotta go. And they did.

-Pop-ups, pop-unders, floating ads, etc. Thankfully the pop ads have been done for in most major browsers for years, and thank noscript for getting rid of those wretched ads that follow you as you scroll down the page. And those ones that appear when you highlight certain words in articles, only to pop up some crap that in reality is 100% pointless. Both of these also usually guzzle lots of pointless CPU cycles.

-Commercials. Literally, commercials. From the site that really pushed me over the edge into using Adblock in the first place years ago, IGN, who has every obnoxious ad in the book... now they're starting to put ****ing commercials up that you have to sit through and watch/listen, before watching one of their videos. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way around these yet, so I just refuse to watch them at all. Plus, I try to shun the IGN sites whenever possible in general now.

Sorry, I used to play fair. Advertisers have pushed me too far, and continually come up with even worse methods to piss me off instead of fairly try to sell me something. Unless they start coming up with *less* obtrusive methods instead of *more*, I will continue to block all their ****. I don't see that happening any time soon... as long as there's money to be made, they'll only get worse. Just look at TV (which I also refuse to watch) and DVDs (which I don't buy if you can't skip the trailers at the beginning).

Also--if I had the choice between cheap 8-15 dollar 56k Internet access years ago, and ad-supported free access... there's no way in hell I'd settle for the free ad-paid version. I'd pay up before I allow my ISP to install ad-showing crap on my system just to browse the Internet. Fortunately , 56k is dead now, unless you happen to live in an extremely rural location or a country that's technologically behind.

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RE[2]: Stop blocking ads!
by aent on Sun 29th Jul 2007 19:44 in reply to "RE: Stop blocking ads!"
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Unfortunately, I haven't found a way around these yet, so I just refuse to watch them at all. Plus, I try to shun the IGN sites whenever possible in general now.
Yes, when a website is displaying so many ads that viewing it becomes too much of a pain, stop viewing it. If enough people stop viewing it, the website is likely to rethink the position of displaying this type of ads, as very intrusive ads that no one views make a lot less money then non-intrusive ads that tons of people view. I encourage everyone to stop visiting websites that display insane, extremely annoying ads, as I do so myself. If they take a hard enough hit, its not going to pay for them to continue showing the ads. That is the whole point.

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