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Linux "Development of OpenHAL, a wireless network component for Linux, can now resume unfettered after months of legal uncertainty. OpenHAL allows people with wireless cards based on technology from Atheros Communications, Inc. to connect to networks using solely free and open source software. Earlier this year, allegations were made that OpenHAL might include material that infringed the copyright of Atheros' proprietary HAL software. The Linux Wireless developers asked the Software Freedom Law Center to investigate these rumors, and SFLC agreed to help on a pro-bono basis."
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Ok, it was a generalization but I didn't and still don't see the point of being excessively specific. Hell I use FreeBSD.

If you must know I only put GNU/Linux because people always seem to have to restate the fact that Linux itself is just a kernel and not an OS... WHO FREAKIN CARES! We all know exactly what the person(s) are talking about.

I understand what you mean though, infact I originally put "Indeed, Linux isn't the only free OS in town." but as you notice I did edit it a second after and placed a GNU/ in there in hopes that people wouldn't get all stupid and specific on me... in all honesty being passionate about your OS of choice and then being overly picky about what its actually called drives me mad.

Heck, people refer to the various *BSD systems in so many different ways, but I never feel the need to correct them by stating "ummm excuse me but it's actually called FreeBSD, not FBSD, not FREEBSD, and definitely not FREE BSD..."

To each his or her own.

Back on topic now please. No more of this nonsense ;)

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I understand completely. I should have specifically stated that I was only appropriating your post as a soap box. ;-)

Sincere apologies.


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No worries, I didn't take it personally at all. No need for apologies ;) .

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