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Apple I recently bought a Mac Mini, And I thought I'd talk about my experiences in the transition from Windows XP to Mac OS X.
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Here here. I did the exact same thing. Got her an iBook, wireless network, set it up and left.

I don't even know the passwords on this thing anymore.

We ran into the iBook logic board problem but that was resolved promptly, and I finally stuffed another 512M into it (we were using the stock 128M for almost a year -- quite usable, just slow transitions from app to app).

I shared the printer on my W2K box, and the durn thing Just Worked (though I recently reinstalled the printer, so now it's broken for her...I'll get 'round to it soon enough).

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I tried something similar, but found that sharing the printer from Windows using Zone Alarm as my firewall causes all the other computers on the network not to be able to communicate with that Windows box or the printer connected to it.

I'm aware that Zone Alarm can be set up to allow specific IP addresses, the problem is that all the computers have to use DHCP and the IP addresses do change quite regularly. What firewall do you use?

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Is there no way to allow an entire IP range with zone alarm? Eg., 192.168.1.*

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