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KDE Five weeks later than planned, the KDE project has released KDE 4.0 Beta 1. "The KDE Community is happy to announce the immediate availability of the first Beta release for KDE 4.0. This release marks the beginning of the integration process which will bring the powerful new technologies included in the now frozen KDE 4 libraries to the applications." Update: Screenshots.
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RE: This is not beta
by Torsten Rahn on Thu 2nd Aug 2007 20:34 UTC in reply to "This is not beta"
Torsten Rahn
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Well, you have to take into account that this is a Beta of a major release with a complete architecture overhaul. For such major releases early Beta releases like this one are rather typical (I remember the very first Beta of KDE 2 was in a pretty similar shape).
Of course you'll rather be disappointed if you expect it to live up to the Beta quality of a minor release.

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RE[2]: This is not beta
by Isolationist on Thu 2nd Aug 2007 20:41 in reply to "RE: This is not beta"
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I suppose you are right, and maybe I am being a bit harsh - didn't think of it that way. I do really like the way KDE is going, and I support them 100%.

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RE[3]: This is not beta
by smitty on Thu 2nd Aug 2007 20:49 in reply to "RE[2]: This is not beta"
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The problem is that you're assuming a beta means "almost ready" when it doesn't according to KDE. They've called this a beta because they've finally stopped accepting breaking changes in the library api's.

This means that Beta 1 is actually likely to be more buggy than the alphas because of all the people who rushed to get their last feature into the libraries right before it was locked. All those last minute changes are going to be full of bugs and the user apps still haven't gotten their full attention yet. Hopefully by beta 2 most of the bad bugs will have been fixed.

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