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Multimedia, AV Let's back up for a moment. It's 2007. Most geeks like you and me already use dual monitor setups with their multi-purpose desktop machines. However, have you ever asked yourself if that second monitor should be that old XGA LCD monitor from your previous PC, or a big, impressive flat panel television? sent us in an iLO 32" HDTV and we review it exactly as such: a computer monitor!
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and I can tell you that most will go for the size rather than the specs.

I'll refrain from making a horribly bad joke about size. Second to size, consumers will be a little more aware of what the i and p stand for. People interested in online HD content, Blue-Ray, HD-DVD, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, all combined are still less than the HD cable folks.

What annoys me is that some networks choose i over p and vice versa. So if there's certain cable networks that you absolutely must have in HD, that'll sway your purchase decision.

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Most of the networks in USA are 1080i, not 720p. The only networks that use 720p are ABC, FOX and some of the sports channels. Everyone else, uses 1080i. Given that the HD player market hasn't really took off in a big way yet, most people (as in, not OSNews geeks) just buy basic 1080i HDTVs. The bigger and cheaper, the better (they think). As I wrote in the article, only 37% of the US population have HDTVs, very few have 1080p TVs, and the digital TV switch is supposed to happen in 2009.

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Dish Network broadcasts all of their HD at 720p. On my 42" plasma the 480p from the dvd player even looks sharp. So I really don't see why people would care if they have 720p or 1080i on a 32". You do realize that even though 1080i has twice the pixels that 720p is better for full motion video?

1080 = 1920 x 1080 pixels @ 30 fps
720 = 1280 x 720 pixels @ 60 fps

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