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Hardware, Embedded Systems Acer is planning to sell Linux-based PCs to the UK market, the company told On Thursday Acer contacted with the following statement: "At this moment in time Acer UK does not have a PC available with Linux pre-loaded, but we are looking at introducing one in the future." This appears to represent a reversal of Acer's previous statements on the matter, which suggested that the manufacturer had no plans to sell PCs here with a pre-installed open-source operating system.
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RE: Let's see...
by brostenen on Thu 2nd Aug 2007 23:59 UTC in reply to "Let's see..."
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Personally I would hope for Microsoft releasing technology and programs for linux...
That would be Direct-x or Office, IF linux gains a stronghold on the desktop-market.

Think of this case; Windows 45% OsX 30% Linux 20%...
The last 5 would be new types of operatingsystems.

If this would be the case, would Microsoft bet on Linux or OsX? The old rival, say apple, would be a lesser "companion" than the devellopers of Linux.
Bitterness within bussiness I would say..

Yet again... It's only a case!!

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RE[2]: Let's see...
by ThawkTH on Fri 3rd Aug 2007 01:21 in reply to "RE: Let's see..."
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Apple and Microsoft are far friendlier than you seem to realize...

Microsoft benefits by not crushing apple. After all, they can claim competition that way...And say they support multiple platforms with office (though they have gradually cut the number of products supported...)

Yeah, there's OSX vs Vista, Zune vs Ipod (if you can even call that competition), and even on some level iPhone vs Windows Mobile...

Most of the products, you'll find, aren't even in direct competition...

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