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Mac OS X "The advent of Vista and Mac OS X, along with the ascension of Linux, add new dimensions to a long-time controversy. Now more than ever before, the Mac OS is the most cost effective operating system of all."
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> Financially, OS X has been far cheaper for me to use than Windows
> ever was. I have had to purchase far less software and the software I
> did have to purchase was cheaper than the equivalent XP software
> was.

Well, I use Linux... I haven't had to purchase any software. I haven't hard to purchase any OS, and I haven't had to purchase any OS upgrades. And the hardware cost was about 1/2 of what an equivalent Mac would have cost me.

And as an added bonus, I don't have to put with AppleCare when I need support. And having dealt with AppleCare in the past, I can say they are the among absolute worse customer service experiences I have ever had in my life with any company.

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