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SkyOS SkyOS beta 6762 has been released. "SkyOS Beta 6762 is now available to download directly from the Beta Center. This build features the new Viewer, a huge performance increase, 36 additional API Classes, updated libraries, a new font alpha blending method, 280+ fixed bugs including critical boot bug fixes."
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RE: Amazing work
by Valhalla on Sat 4th Aug 2007 02:11 UTC in reply to "Amazing work"
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yep, no matter what your preference is regarding FOSS, there's no denying the rapid and impressive development of this alternate os. now, before captain obvious jumps in pointing out that alot of this code comes from other projects, yes that is true but even if you ignored all the code written specifically for Skyos you'd still have to acknowledge the skill and speed with which Robert ports software to his operating system.

even though I'm pro-open source, my passion for everything os related is much bigger and I really look forward to trying the upcoming livecd. again, impressive work!

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