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SkyOS SkyOS beta 6762 has been released. "SkyOS Beta 6762 is now available to download directly from the Beta Center. This build features the new Viewer, a huge performance increase, 36 additional API Classes, updated libraries, a new font alpha blending method, 280+ fixed bugs including critical boot bug fixes."
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RE: Pfff ...
by FreeGamer on Sat 4th Aug 2007 11:46 UTC in reply to "Pfff ..."
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Honestly... whilst you are entitled to your ideals and opinions, why are you complaining? Nobody is forcing you to use SkyOS. Nobody is making you pay. And nobody wants to listen to you whining invalid complaints about something you have the _free_ _choice_ to stay away from.

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RE[2]: Pfff ...
by chiwaw on Sat 4th Aug 2007 19:09 in reply to "RE: Pfff ..."
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@ WereCatf & FreeGamer

Jeez, you guys need a little help in the humor department. Read the very first post of the thread, then read mine again (to the last word) and realize I was goofing.

Seriously now, I'm really impressed by SkyOS, and wish I had lot more free time to jump in the project and contribute to it ...

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RE[3]: Pfff ...
by KenJackson on Sat 4th Aug 2007 21:56 in reply to "RE[2]: Pfff ..."
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You need to learn about smiley faces.

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RE[3]: Pfff ...
by StephenBeDoper on Sun 5th Aug 2007 05:54 in reply to "RE[2]: Pfff ..."
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It can be hard to detect irony on OSNews. No matter how obviously-absurd a statement is, there's a good chance that someone around here will sincerely agree with it.

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