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SkyOS SkyOS beta 6762 has been released. "SkyOS Beta 6762 is now available to download directly from the Beta Center. This build features the new Viewer, a huge performance increase, 36 additional API Classes, updated libraries, a new font alpha blending method, 280+ fixed bugs including critical boot bug fixes."
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RE[3]: Pfff ...
by Jack Burton on Sat 4th Aug 2007 14:54 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Pfff ..."
Jack Burton
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"Now the syllable class has been around since AtheOS days, so does it not look like it is an exact copy?

Do you not see that Robert does use GPL code?"

The similarities between the various classes interfaces (and not just the ones you linked to) are really impressive. But that only proves, if anything, that Robert took inspiration from Syllable's api.

Of course, since we cannot see SkyOS's code, we can't tell if he also copied the implementation of the classes.

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RE[4]: Pfff ...
by StephenBeDoper on Sun 5th Aug 2007 05:57 in reply to "RE[3]: Pfff ..."
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But that only proves, if anything, that Robert took inspiration from Syllable's api.

It's also important to note that (IIRC), in turn, the Syllable/AtheOS API drew a large amount of inspiration from the BeOS API.

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RE[5]: Pfff ...
by Andre on Sun 5th Aug 2007 08:26 in reply to "RE[4]: Pfff ..."
Andre Member since:

The AtheOS/Syllable API is very close to the BeOS API.
HaikuOS is an open source, MIT licenced BeOS clone.
Since HaikuOS is MIT licenced, it's code can be legally used in SkyOS.

And next to that. Designing a good API is difficult, and looking at how others done it, is a good thing to begin with. Having simular APIs makes porting applications between SkyOS, Syllable and BeOS/ZETA/HaikuOS easier, so I think there is not a bad thing to say about this, I think this is good.

But among people at this site, skyos-bashing just seems to be done, just because it's a closed source os.
Then I ask you this question: Does it matter for the end-user?

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