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Google "Google's first mobile phone reportedly will run a Linux operating system on a Texas Instruments "Edge" chipset, and will likely ship to T-Mobile and Orange customers in the Spring of 2008. "GPhone" call minutes and text messages will apparently be funded by mobile advertising, according to reports." The report found at the popular embedded systems Linux news site LinuxDevices.
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RE: Paranoid
by chemical_scum on Sat 4th Aug 2007 18:36 UTC in reply to "Paranoid"
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They scan the contents of your searches ... and emails so that they can give you a very specific advertising set. With this phone, they could be reading you text messages to do something similar. Or, they could listen to your conversations for key words. GPS technology would allow them to know where you are at, and then send advertising from nearby shops and restaurants to your phone. ... Maybe I am just being paranoid.

You have hit the nail on the head. I think that millions of suckers like myself will fall for it. I like the convenience of Gmail and its associated tools. The targeted advertising doesn't worry me (indeed sometimes it is good for a laugh).

What does worry me is if someone more sinister than the current "do no evil" Google, like the US gov, gets hold of all that data and uses it in a repressive way.

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RE[2]: Paranoid
by Excel Hearts Choi on Sun 5th Aug 2007 01:20 in reply to "RE: Paranoid"
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As for your data falling into the wrong hands, Google has shown that it will do what it takes to stay ahead. In China, that means caving into the government's version of reality. In the US, that means saying the big bad government can't have our (if you are American) search data. As an American, I guess that means I am safe (at least until public sentiment no longer favors privacy - which may never happen). "Do no evil" may be their motto, but that is certainly open to interpretation. Google makes me nervous.

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