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Linspire "In an interview today with Linux-Watch, controversial Linux leader Kevin Carmony confirmed rumors that he had resigned as CEO of desktop Linux vendor Linspire on July 31. Carmony said he plans to work on several of his own business projects, and on Mitt Romney's presidential campaign."
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I know that if you look at it from a distance, linux appears to be "the people's"; however, a closer inspection show's it to be "the individual's". It is the individual developers that make the choice to release her/his code under a specific license. It is out of respect of an individual's rights that we use her/his code. Linux is made up of thousands of individuals, and rarely communal groups as "the people" implies.

Linux (GPL) is for individual liberty (republican), where BSD is more for group rights (democrats).

Don't confuse Republicans with the Neo-cons that are impersonating Republicans (Bush/Cheney administration).

EDIT: I consider Romney a Neo-con.

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None of the current Republican candidates are the Republican Party founded by Jefferson. Hell none of them remotely resembled Teddy Roosevelt's Republican Party.

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[Thomas] Jefferson did not start the Republican party.
However, Abe Lincoln was the first Republican president.

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Jefferson's Democratic-Republican party has an indirect lineage with modern day democratic party (having being split during the Andrew Jackson timeframe), but not the modern day republican party.

Jefferson Democratic Republican -> Jacksonian Democratic -> Democratic

In an overly simplistic view of the lineage.

The modern day Republican party didn't begin to emerge until the 1850's

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Linux (GPL) is for individual liberty (republican), where BSD is more for group rights (democrats).

Thanks for the laugh I haven't read anything more absurd in weeks.

How many ways to get what you want
I use the best I use the rest
I use the enemy I use anarchy cos i

I wanna be anarchy !
The only way to be !

John Lydon

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