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Apple Apple has released new iMacs, with a new interior (up to 2.8Ghz Core 2 Duo) as well as new exterior (thinner, with a black back, as well as black 'eyeliner' around the screen), including a new keyboard, during a press event in Cupertino today. Apple also released new version of its iLife and iWork suites. iLife has seen updates on all its applications, while iWork has also received a new spreadsheet application called Numbers. Update: The Mac Mini has been updated too.
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by exigentsky on Wed 8th Aug 2007 01:07 UTC in reply to "RE"
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According to Steve Job's presentation, the keyboard is also an improvement in terms of ergonomics. More specifically, he mentioned the benefits of not having the front part of the keyboard and the touch area so far from the surface. There is also the helpful slant. Anyway, while I'm sure looks were the focus, ergonomics weren't an afterthought.

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RE: Egonomics
by Obscurus on Wed 8th Aug 2007 01:48 in reply to "Egonomics"
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For me the ergonomics are crap (although still better than most standard keyboards) - there is no possibility of having it perfectly flat on the desktop, or even at a negative angle, which is what most occupational therapists recommend. I have an Evoluent keyboard, which is about 1cm thick and lies perfectly flat on the desk. It is fantastic, although the key layout took a while to get used to. Angled keyboards give me wrist strain, and I'm annoyed that apple ruined an otherwise perfectly good keyboard by making it impossible to lie flat on the desk.

A slant is anything but helpful if you understand the biomechanics of the arm and wrist(unless the slant is a negative one, ie, they keyboard slopes away from you).

If I could justify the expense, I would get the Logitech DeNovo Edge keyboard, by far the best keyboard ever designed, but damn that price tag!

Anyway, that is my rant for the day...

EDIT: don't get me started on the Mighty Mouse....

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RE[2]: Egonomics
by Xaero_Vincent on Wed 8th Aug 2007 01:54 in reply to "RE: Egonomics"
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Yeah... I was looking at the keyboard.

What happens if you drop it?

It looks very thin... almost like a foldable keyboard for PDAs and UMPCs.

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RE[2]: Egonomics
by Moochman on Wed 8th Aug 2007 03:48 in reply to "RE: Egonomics"
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Say all you want about the "biomechanics of my hand", a keyboard is just more comfortable for me to type on if it's slanting toward me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

P.S. if what you say is true, then why did the supposedly well-researched MS natural keyboard still have the keys slanted toward the user at something of an angle?

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