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Internet & Networking Has Apple succeeded in setting a new mobile Web-browsing paradigm? InformationWeek examines how the Palm Treo, BlackBerry Curve, and HTC Wing stack up against the iPhone. Unfortunately, this article completely snobs the UIQ and S60 Symbian smartphones.
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Sorry to burst your bubble of ignorance but I currently have non-Apple native applications (terminal emulator, NES emulator) on my iPhone.

You are welcome to your opinion but please don't try to pass it off as fact. A surprisingly large number of people I know (techheads or not) have iPhones.

The browser beats all other platforms for pure integration, multitouch, URL to phone connectivity, and wide(r)screen-browsing capability. I have been through a *lot* of devices over the years, and this one trumps them all in the browser integration/usability/experience space. Sorry but Opera Mobile does not compare in my experience. Not even close.

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Yet again I will ask: What is better about the iPhone browser than Opera Mobile or Opera Mini?

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"Yet again I will ask: What is better about the iPhone browser than Opera Mobile or Opera Mini?"

I think it's pretty telling that you've asked this question several times on this thread and have yet to receive an answer.

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Did you read my reply, because I listed some features that make it better than Opera for me. Or are you just trolling?

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How about you answer this question: What is better about Opera Mobile/Mini on <insert favourite smartphone here> than Safari on the iPhone?

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