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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris The first beta of Mandriva Linux 2008, codenamed Cassini, is now available. The release notes are available here. A guide to major new features (some of which are not yet implemented in this beta) is available here, and the detailed technical specifications are available here. This beta is available only as a three CD Free edition (containing no non-free software or drivers) for the x86-32 architecture, with a traditional installer. Future betas will be available in One live/install CD hybrid editions with proprietary drivers, and in x86-64 versions.
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Give KDE4 time to mature
by porcel on Thu 9th Aug 2007 18:28 UTC
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I love where KDE4 is going, but there needs to be a serious effort by all kde-loving people to shout from the rooftops that it will take at least another six months to a year to really stabilize and move all important applications to the kde4 framework.

I think that KDE4 will begin to see mainstream use once it hits the 4.1 or 4.2 release. As groundbreaking and breathtaking as KDE4 already is, it isn't ready and won't be ready for consumption by people who are not developers or technically inclined and with a willingness to live on the cutting edge.

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RE: Give KDE4 time to mature
by Flatline on Thu 9th Aug 2007 18:32 in reply to "Give KDE4 time to mature"
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Oh, believe me, I wasn't suggesting that Joe Public go right out and install it. I've just been too lazy to grab the previews so far, and it would be nice to get a look at it since it is such a big milestone. Of course, as with any milestone release, it will take a decent amount of time to iron out the kinks (that's why, for example, I have attempted to give Vista a bit of a break until SP1). I think that Mandriva is handling it properly by making it an optional, experimental part of the release which is meant to be installed alongside Gnome and KDE 3.x instead of being a default desktop choice.

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