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Windows In a move that will likely only further confuse the situation surrounding Vista Service Pack 1, Microsoft has posted for public download two updates that were released to beta testers last month. The patches improve Vista performance and reliability, along with the operating system's compatibility with drivers and hardware. Some of the changes include better file copy performance, faster boot times, improved compatibility with newer graphics cards, and better performance in games with advanced visuals.
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The bottom line is Vista is simply not ready for the Desktop.

Well shoot. That puts the remark "Linux isn't ready for the Desktop" in a whole different light.

And you're right, to think that they restarted from scratch would be naive. I don't think they tossed code out the window (bad pun) I would think it's more likely the architects and managers said "back to the drawing board."

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They actually started again using Windows 2003 as the initial code base, which was a good idea, Win2k3 is the best Windows ever built.

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