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Mono Project When Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie unveiled Silverlight at MIX07, he vowed that it would be a cross-platform technology. It appears as if the software giant is making good on that pledge: SD Times has learned that some of Microsoft's top developers have provided technical guidance for a Linux implementation of Silverlight.
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RE: i have that feeling
by BluenoseJake on Thu 9th Aug 2007 23:47 UTC in reply to "i have that feeling"
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yeah, that's right, you must be on the management team.

Let's just wait and see what happens, they haven't done anything to Mono yet, why would they do that with MoonLight? It's in their best interests to help it, especially since adobe tends to neglect the Linux port of Flash. Look how long it took them to update the flash plugin to version 9? they skipped 8 all together, and left us all in the lurch. MS would be smart to encourage MoonLight as much as possible.

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