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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Unless you are a big fan of small form-factor computing, you probably haven't been tracking the development of VIA's Pico-ITX motherboards. This form-factor was announced at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, but it has been almost impossible to get your hands on an ITX motherboard and the official U.S. release has yet to happen. A few samples have made their way to reviewers and developers, but because of their rarity coverage has been sparse."
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RE: Mini-ITX
by Doc Pain on Fri 10th Aug 2007 23:33 UTC in reply to "Mini-ITX"
Doc Pain
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"I wish mini-itx and similar computers were used more often. You can get a 1GHz fanless computer with 512MB RAM and a 4GB flash disk (making it completely silent) for only £250. Instead companies seem to prefer rubbish cheap dell computers. This especially annoys me in places like libraries and internet cafés where the computers are left on all day, every day."

When I studied at the university, our library had some Sun Rays and lots of crappy PCs which made much noise and impressed by a high failure rate, along with much maintenance time needed. Our local Karstadt uses expensive PCs as 3270 type terminals, such as our Sparda-Bank. Using real terminals or a small ITX system could save lots of money and maintenance time.

As I usually say: Use the right tool for every task. The device presented in the article could be a great solution for many home users, and of course for home entertainment systems as a cheap built in component (as an opposite to an attached PC). Furthermore, it could be integrated with other components (screen, DASD, opt. drives) such as Apple builds them, or Tandberg did in the old days...

"They would save so much electricity, money, space, and sanity (damn those fans!) if they used these instead of cheap desktop computers."

You're mentioning another valid point: energy costs. While silence may be seen as an individual value regarding comfort, energy costs will finally show up on the bill.

But people don't get it, as long as the decision carriers ("IT managers") do not have any clue about technology and how to use it properly. See: Right tool for every task. These stupid guys usually order a fright train in order to deliver a pack of matches... :-)

I really hope this kind of computer - you can even call it PC, or PC base device - will get more attention. As soon as you can convice people (read: end users) about the advantages these small "power devices", they will spread in home and office use.

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