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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Unless you are a big fan of small form-factor computing, you probably haven't been tracking the development of VIA's Pico-ITX motherboards. This form-factor was announced at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, but it has been almost impossible to get your hands on an ITX motherboard and the official U.S. release has yet to happen. A few samples have made their way to reviewers and developers, but because of their rarity coverage has been sparse."
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RE: Mini-ITX
by Michael on Fri 10th Aug 2007 23:42 UTC in reply to "Mini-ITX"
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Price does seem to be the sticking point. At, it's around £300 (inc. VAT) for one of these with power and RAM only. Small/silent PSUs are quite pricey. With the like of the Asus Eee PC (~ £150 - £200 est.) around, people are willing to sacrifice mod-ability for price.

I thought about putting together a mini-itx system last time I upgraded my machine, but as my desk is already set-up for a big beige box, there seems little to gain. Not enough to justify the extra cost anyway. If I really want a small computer, I'll get a laptop.

These things should go great in the living room, but the consoles have that market sown-up right now.

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