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OSNews, Generic OSes In the view of Mendel Rosenblum, chief scientist and co-founder of virtualization vendor VMware, today's modern operating system is destined for the dustbin, a scenario unlikely to please Microsoft or any of the Linux vendors. Rosenblum's keynote on Thursday wrapped up the LinuxWorld conference, preaching the virtues of virtualization, which he believes will eventually make today's complex, some would say bloated, operating systems obsolete. "It's just going to go away", Rosenblum said.
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RE: Pills?
by Beresford on Sat 11th Aug 2007 00:08 UTC in reply to "Pills?"
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Title is misleading, if you read the article, it's actually the death of general purpose operating systems. He thinks that future operating systems are going to be specialized for single tasks. Something like what rPath is doing.

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