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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Unless you are a big fan of small form-factor computing, you probably haven't been tracking the development of VIA's Pico-ITX motherboards. This form-factor was announced at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, but it has been almost impossible to get your hands on an ITX motherboard and the official U.S. release has yet to happen. A few samples have made their way to reviewers and developers, but because of their rarity coverage has been sparse."
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RE: Mini-ITX
by Robocoastie on Sat 11th Aug 2007 18:04 UTC in reply to "Mini-ITX"
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Well in their defense itx prices are 2-3x the price of a "normal" computer, that's why business' don't buy them. On top of that is that I've never seen a big box company actually sell complete itx computers, just components to build yourself. For a business like a 'net cafe to build them is a HUGE liability which their insurance company would likely refuse to cover (since there'd be no one to counter-sue). Then the typical small business is generally operating on credit and may need to run their equipment needs by their creditor for approval who likely is a pencil pusher rather than a techie and only knows Dell, Apple, or Gateway so the likelihood of getting those approved is slim to none.

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RE[2]: Mini-ITX
by whartung on Sat 11th Aug 2007 19:37 in reply to "RE: Mini-ITX"
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Yea, frankly the costs have always been offputting. You do pay a premium for the form factor. I've always thought about getting one of these things for the house, but the pricing always set me back.

And it's not so much the board pricing, the Mini-ITX boards aren't HORRIBLY priced, but the cases are stupidly priced as well. So the whole kit nickles and dimes you up until it's just not worth the cost for the form factor, IMHO.

Even Mac-Minis are competetive with these things, and there you get, well, a Mac!

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