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SCO, Caldera, Unixware SCO has published a statement after the court ruling in their case against Novell: "The company is obviously disappointed with the ruling issued last Friday. However, the court clearly determined that SCO owns the copyrights to the technology developed or derived by SCO after Novell transferred the assets to SCO in 1995." And at the end: "Although the district judge ruled in Novell's favor on important issues, the case has not yet been fully vetted by the legal system and we will continue to explore our options with respect to how we move forward from here."
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Back in time, they had some good products. Too bad a gang of professional gamblers put their hands on the company and decided that they should try their "luck" and convinced share holders besides all signs. Probably some of them made more money on this "big dogs proxy game" than they could earn on the same period had not them started all this sellout. Yes, don't be ingenuous, things like that don't just "happen", they are pretty much calculated, specially if the risk can be redirect to someone else pocket. I hope the laws will be fixed so that its effects become devastating on bad managers all over the country with similar management patterns.

Wish luck for all good employers still working there.

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