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Windows Microsoft has had to create a new build of Windows XP Professional for computer makers because the six-year-old operating system's continued popularity has nearly exhausted the supply of product activation keys. The new build, dubbed SP2c, includes no fixes or feature changes, but was created simply to address the shrinking pool of product keys. XP Pro SP2c, which has been released to manufacturing, will be made available to OEMs and system builders next month, said Microsoft.
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RE[3]: Monopoly
by WyldStylist on Tue 14th Aug 2007 09:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Monopoly"
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The only downside of this beautiful OS is that it's unsecure in Administrator Mode which is the default. Make all your family and friends running XP in Limited mode and you'e got the best solution for them.

I did something else , ran as admin (nlited version)
No IE no print spooler/windows time/file protection and that stuff, i have only 5 services running .
Mshtml.dll core was removed and i used the offbyone web browser and sometimes k-meleon .
I also had bugoff disable insecurities.
I had absolutely no problems with XP stuff since most problems were not even installed 300 mb windows folder,
no need to update anything , im still on same system installed it like a year ago ;)
XP is very stable for advanced users (not always everyday user)

Sorry for posting twice i thought first was never posted.

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