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SCO, Caldera, Unixware SCO has published a statement after the court ruling in their case against Novell: "The company is obviously disappointed with the ruling issued last Friday. However, the court clearly determined that SCO owns the copyrights to the technology developed or derived by SCO after Novell transferred the assets to SCO in 1995." And at the end: "Although the district judge ruled in Novell's favor on important issues, the case has not yet been fully vetted by the legal system and we will continue to explore our options with respect to how we move forward from here."
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by walterbyrd on Tue 14th Aug 2007 14:56 UTC
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There have been so many, but here a few of my favorites:

Enderle: "SCO Should Win",1759,1563242,00.asp

Lyons: "What SCO Wants, SCO Gets"

BTW: Dan Lyons is also the guy who screamed and cried about anonymous boggers, and message board posters, then he turned out to be the fake Steve Jobs.

Didio: "SCO Group Gains Psychological Edge, Registers UNIX System V Copyrights"

"The fact that SCO registered its UNIX System V copyright lays to rest an earlier, erroneous contention by Novell president, Jack Messman, claiming that SCO did not own the copyrights.",14179,2914388,0...

Groklaw: "Maureen O'Gara reportage on a court hearing she didn't attend, yet magically was able to report on both the contents of a sealed SCO filing *and* what was shown by SCO's lawyers on a projection screen only Magistrate Judge Brooke Wells and the lawyers were supposed to see."

Here is the O'Gara article:" rel="nofollow">

I think O'Gara was also the very first to report on the death of Val Noorda Kreidel. Maybe even before the coroner's report was out.

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