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In the News Two research reports sponsored by IBM argue that Linux is less expensive to buy and operate than Windows or Unix. The first paper claims Linux is 40% less expensive than a comparable x86-based Windows server and 54% less than a comparable Sparc-based Solaris server. The second that using Linux has "Second Stage Benefits" such as attracting IT workers, among whome open source is increasingly popular.
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When you really want to know stuff...
by r_a_trip on Thu 1st Sep 2005 15:56 UTC
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...figure it out for yourself. Hearsay from others never tells you the "reality" of your own situation.

Do a small pilot. See where the weaknesses are, see where the strengths lie. Decide where you can use it or not.

Sponsored studies: "Give me a thousand bucks and I'll tell you what you want to hear."

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Also, "Give me 1000 and I'll tell you how to save 300".

But also, do the test yourself, taking up 300 worth of time, and you'll learn how to save 50.

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