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BeOS & Derivatives "FalterCon 2007 took place on August 11, and it went quite well (IMHO, of course). Here I would like to share my personal impressions of the event, as well as make a few (somewhat) related observations. When the news of the WalterCon cancellation broke out and I read about some people being left with non-refundable air tickets, my first reaction was 'OK, let's do something with these guys'. A few emails later with Mike Summers, Bryan Varner and Urias, we had decided on having a community gathering which, as many of you know, was to later be called FalterCon (yes, pun intended). In approximately two weeks, we found a venue (and a good one!), had this website running, prepared some nice promo material, and were able to gather nine people willing to attend. All in all, I think we did pretty well given the very little time we had."
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RE[4]: Ha
by bryanv on Wed 15th Aug 2007 21:36 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Ha"
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Bryanv's post is not "misplaced". His attitude is rude, arrogant, and inconsiderate.

Wow, the triple-whammy.

The sarcasm was clearly lost in translation, and it wasn't intended to be as mean spirited as some have clearly interpreted it.

That said, yes -- I've written some harsh things. My foot feels pretty crunchy in my mouth.

I'm just stating it like I see it, for better or worse. Potential repercussions from stating the way I see the world do not hinder my willingness to share my view.

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RE[5]: Ha
by sbergman27 on Wed 15th Aug 2007 21:50 in reply to "RE[4]: Ha"
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Wow, the triple-whammy.

Sorry. Really. ;-)

If I misinterpreted your original post, as I suspected I might have, I sincerely apologize.

Could you clarify a bit regarding your original statement about the freaks? That was what convinced me that your original post was mean spirited. I wrote about it. But then deleted, as I thought you *might* be kidding. But as the complaints about OSNews not showing up seemed genuine... perhaps I misjudged.

Anyways, I am pleased, from afar, that the event went well. :-)

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RE[6]: Ha
by bryanv on Thu 16th Aug 2007 00:57 in reply to "RE[5]: Ha"
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Could you clarify a bit regarding your original statement about the freaks?

It's almost one of those, 'you'd have to be there' kind of things.

Everyone there was very, very nice - (except for the first guy I met, whose name I still don't know) and seemed like good people.

Let's see, there were the strange people who would randomly talk at you without any context. There were people who would end every sentence with an nervous laugh followed by a snort (Steve Urkel embodiment). There were total nut-job zealots that believe that Linux is the one true OS and anything that deviates from linux / GNU / X11 is pointless. There were the people who wouldn't stop staring at my wifes chest. There was the eccentric guy that claimed he almost dated Teri Hatcher, and immediately followed that up with "Where did all the hot chicks go?"

And there was the first "gentleman" I met outside of the Haiku group. He gets his own paragraph. Within five seconds of meeting him (never got his name, he butted into a conversation he wasn't a part of) repeated no less than three times, directly to my and my wifes face, "I'm not trying to *uck your day" in an unbelievably harsh and belittling tone. I didn't have any notion that he was "trying to *uck" my day -- until he put it like that, repeatedly, as if I was a deaf moron who didn't understand the basic constructs of English. This dude literally got in our face with zero provocation.

So yeah, there were a LOT of totally socially awkward and inept people. There was the occasional 'highly-functional' individual there for the Linux stuff. Sadly the vast majority of what society would consider 'normal' people to interact with were at the Haiku table.

Except for the lady in the red hat. She was weird, too.

With the exception of the one guy who apparently was obsessed with *ucking my day, all the others were at least polite and well-meaning, even if they were more than a bit off-center with their interpersonal skills.

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