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Novell and Ximian In the wake of last week's ruling that Novell, and not SCO, controls the copyrights covering UNIX, Novell is reassuring Unix users that it has no plans to follow in SCO's footsteps. Given that the company is no longer in the business of selling UNIX, it has no reason to pursue any copyright claims.
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by Eugenia on Wed 15th Aug 2007 21:39 UTC
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Too bad. It was a good show. I will complain to FOX. ;-)

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RE: canceled?
by flanque on Wed 15th Aug 2007 21:46 in reply to "canceled?"
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I don't see any sense in Novell suing anyone over Unix. They've taken too much bad press lately and I couldn't see anything beneficial for Novell, from a public relations perspective, from suing anyone.

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RE[2]: canceled?
by google_ninja on Wed 15th Aug 2007 22:01 in reply to "RE: canceled?"
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Dealing with MS is bad press in forums filled with enthusiasts, but its good press for businesses looking to deploy a linux solution in a microsoft world.

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RE: canceled?
by glarepate on Thu 16th Aug 2007 02:17 in reply to "canceled?"
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Good show indeed!! Maybe we can convince Royal Bank of Canada to start some new PIPE financing to underwrite Caldera's appeal of the near nuclear holocaust level of a loss in their case against Big Red.

The show might then go on ...



(Sad, pencil neck clown)

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