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Amiga & AROS In a discussion on Amiga forum site The Amigans, the Friedens twin brothers (developers of AmigaOS 4.0 exec kernel) revealed that the complete Amiga OS architecture will move ahead to a new design. The new AmigaOS (let's call it AmigaOS 4+1) will include some sort of virtual environment in which old (AmigaOS 4.0) applications will run as separate tasks, in their own address space. MorphOS, an Amiga-like operating system, employs a similar method to allow for compatibility with older Amiga 3.x applications. AmigaWorld of course also discusses the matter.
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RE[4]: Amiga
by freaks on Thu 16th Aug 2007 15:26 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Amiga"
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..the "I got banned" part.

yes. that's part of the amiga experience it seems.

Amiga have a problem, about using and outdated API, but you cannot speak about it without getting banned.

I can't see things getting anybetter soon if ppl get banned from forum like this. Amiga has a small community of users. if you use Amiga you will need to get in touch with other amigans, asking for tips and tricks and howtos. and when trying to talk with them about problems you see, you might just get banned.. well not at first, first you get your posts censured and edited .. maybe deleted.. and if you try to explain, argue or protest, you get banned.

that's part of the amiga experience it seems, it's not about only me. lots of users got their post edited or deleted because their posts didn't please or could darken the OS image or i dunno what..

when using alternative OS you have to speak a bit about the "user experience i think. and that include the support and help you get on the forums.

like, if you buy a product, and there's a problem,
when you call for support if the man on the other side of the line tell you he doesn't know what you're speaking about, and the product does not have any problem and he won't answer your call anymore, would you find that normal ?

or in going in supermarket and being told what to buy and how to buy and if you protest being thrown out of the store.

well that's what happened. they thrown an user out, (me) cause i refused to accept the official version like "amiga rules everybody should buy it have not problems"

it have a problem and i really can't see why users should get banned from forum because they want to speak about thoses problems with other users and devs if they feel like answering. no one force them to post in a thread i would create ...

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RE[5]: Amiga
by Raffaele on Thu 16th Aug 2007 16:01 in reply to "RE[4]: Amiga"
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Freaks wrote:



>>>..the "I got banned" part.

yes. that's part of the amiga experience it seems.

Amiga have a problem, about using and outdated API, but you cannot speak about it without getting banned.


I have morphOS and I pointed many and many times of the things that AmigaOS and MorphOS lacks of, but I never got banned...

Sometimes I got 2 or 3 of my threads deleted, but none banned me.

Maybe it is the way I pointed the problems of Amiga.

I only twice used offensive language but only on Amiga Italian threads and only because I was offended first by the other person.

I never started a flame...

Also I never NEVER repeat the threads twice or three times...

This to avoid accusation of being OBSESSIVE...


KFF is a program (system patch) to be able to display and input Japanese on Amiga. i know this well, cause i live in Japan, and helped the Morphos port to happen too, cause i live in Japan and need Japanese support.


Ah, the amigan from japan!

If I remember well who you are, you pointed always, and alwyays on Amiga threads on the same problem...

UTF8 support...

That's it... to many times you repeated always the same...

Don't you believe that you started being OBSESSIVE?

The Amiga community it is very small and we ALL know about the KNOWN PROBLEMS and LACKS of Amiga...

If we starting whining every day on the same points (that are known by everyone in the community), this fact got people tired of speaking ALWAYS about the same arguments, because these problems are common and widely known...

That is why you got banned, my friend...

Edited 2007-08-16 16:18

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