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Gnome "We want to develop a free and complete set of user friendly applications and desktop tools, similar to CDE and KDE but based entirely on free software." Those were the opening lines of Miguel De Icaza's email announcing the GNU Network Object Model Environment, better known as GNOME, exactly (in my timezone) ten years ago, on 15th August 1997. They have come a long way from this, to this.
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Gnome feeling really slow
by Tanner on Thu 16th Aug 2007 19:07 UTC
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Ten Years, but to me that i'm new in the linux world, Gnome's speed feels really sluggish.

Hope it will perform better in the future.

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RE: Gnome feeling really slow
by Obscurus on Fri 17th Aug 2007 09:17 in reply to "Gnome feeling really slow"
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Gnome is a modern desktop environment. It needs modern hardware to run optimally. If your hardware is out of date, your mileage may vary. On a modern machine, Gnome flies (I have certainly not noticed any sluggishness with Ubuntu on a 3 year old machine at any rate).

This isn't directed at you Tanner per se (since I have no idea what you are running Gnome on or with), but I really don't have much sympathy for people who insist on installing the latest version of whatever OS/DE on a decrepit 386 with 8MB of RAM or similarly obsolete hardware and who then complain about the sluggish performance. There are desktop environments (eg Fluxbox) specifically designed for low-spec machines, and if you want the bells and whistles of a full featured, up-to-date DE, expect to get decent hardware to run it.

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