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Features, Office Adobe may launch its own office-application suite, taking it into direct competition with Microsoft. In an interview, Mike Downey, group manager for platform evangelism at Adobe, said that, although he could not reveal any plans at the moment, the possibility should not be dismissed.
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RE: This is a horrible idea.
by tryphcycle on Thu 16th Aug 2007 19:31 UTC in reply to "This is a horrible idea."
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"dobe should focus on unifying the user-interface in its Creative suite (it looks a disheveled inconsistent mess) and work on taking all the bloat.

CS3 is in dire need of a consistent and predictable user-interface with consistent keyboard shortcuts across the applications. That's step number one. After that the need to trim the fat. The entire thing is way too resource-intensive and taxing. "

Adobe HAS focused on unifying the interface!!! In every new version, each application has come closer and closer to feeling like one unit!!! of course, trying to make 10 different kind of creative apps act exactly alike is got to be the toughest thing in the world! especially considering the many of the apps began life at another company!!! (ie, Dreamweaver, flash, pagemaker>indesign,)

Personally...I think the app that needs the most help is Illustrator! even though it IS an adobe original.... it is so inconsistent and so faulty when compared to InDesign.. and Photo Shop! InDesign... and a Grand F'N Slam, though...

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You're right that Illustrator does need the most help. And, yes, there have been attempts at tying the applications together. The problem, though, is that it's still very much inconsistent across the board.

Part of the problem is that each application has its own bloat. It doesn't appear to me, as an end-user, that there is even any code-sharing going on at Adobe. It's like each app team has their own version of the wheel and aren't willing to share.

It's a managerial problem as I see it. The thought of them thinking of tackling a Productivity suite is more proof of that.

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