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Windows "Gutmann generated a lot of heat last December with the publication of a paper that called Windows Vista's Content Protection scheme 'the longest suicide note in history'. He updated it in April, mostly to call his critics names, and he updated it yet again yesterday with a top-of-the-page slam at my ZDNet colleague George Ou, who took exception with some of Gutmann's claims yesterday. Gutmann has a flair for melodramatic language and headline-grabbing phrases, but his theoretical arguments against Vista's video subsystem fall apart quickly when they make contact with the real world."
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Honest opinions are never FUD
by walterbyrd on Fri 17th Aug 2007 14:02 UTC
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Msft's arrogance will never cease to amaze me. In msft world, anything that is not glowing praise of windows is classified as anti-windows "FUD."

Think about what FUD stands for. FUD is not about criticizing the competition. FUD is a surreptitious and deicetful attempt to make somebody feel uneasy about the competition, i.e. maybe the competitor's product is somehow illegal.

Now ask yourself: has the linux camp ever spent millions of dollars on mis-information campaigns? How about lying to the US-DoJ, or the EU? How about an letter writing astro-turf campaign where it turned out that many of letters were from dead people? How about fake tco studies? Fake benchmark studies? How about filing hundreds of bogus patents? How about funding an obviously bogus lawsuit that served no purpose other than to cast a legal cloud over the competition? How about hiring shill journalists like Enderle? How about sites like "LinuxWorld" which are actually strongly anti-Linux. How about these secretive deals with linux vendors where msft claims to protect patent violations - but msft won't specify those "violations."

And msft compares honest criticism to msft's elaborate multi-million (billion?) dollar scams? Please, get real.

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You would firstly have to define the 'linux camp' because if it includes casual contributors to forums, I can tell you that there is a good amount of FUD floating in both directions.

Regarding the patents; the problem is there is no leader within the *NIX camp willing to put their foot down. There is no one able to stand up and articulate the stance of the 'linux community' - those who have simply have come accross as a noisy little brat whe are more concerned with name calling than disecting the false information and repudiating it.

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