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Debian and its clones "The Debian project has updated the stable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 4.0. This update adds security updates to the stable release, together with a few corrections to serious problems. As always, the first point release also corrects a few issues that have been noticed too late in the release process to stop the release, but still should be fixed."
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RE[2]: Debian
by sonic2000gr on Sat 18th Aug 2007 22:09 UTC in reply to "RE: Debian"
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Granted, this is just a small home server but has been running for ages without a single hitch - and it has some bursts of high activity at some times. The previous record for it was 218 days (A prolonged power failure caused it to go down).
For me, Debian is THE Linux server. And etch is excellent in this respect too.

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RE[3]: Debian
by DoctorPepper on Sun 19th Aug 2007 21:28 in reply to "RE[2]: Debian"
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My "record" was 289 days. Then I upgraded to Debian Etch (from Sarge) and had to reboot. The server was a Pentium III 450 MHz system with 256 MB of RAM and a total of 190 GB of hard drive space, divided amongst three drives.

I used to suffer from those "prolonged" power outages too, which seem to last just long enough to drain the UPS and cause the system to shut down. Now we have a 16,000 Watt whole-house generator with a 250 gallon propane tank to keep it fed, as well as three UPS's. :-)

On another note, I just replaced that server this month, with one of the Dell Linux PC's. It came with Ubuntu 7.04 desktop, but I repartitioned the 160 GB SATA drive, added a second 250 GB SATA drive and installed Ubuntu 7.04 server on it. Let's see how well it stacks up against the venerable Debian.

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