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Linspire In a short story with a happy ending, the developer of a free version of Linspire called Freespire has agreed to change the name of his project, and Linspire is offering free copies of Linspire Linux for a few days. Freespire, which first popped up on Distrowatch last week, described itself as a free variant of Linspire Linux, with proprietary components and trademarks removed.
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RE: Coupon code non-functional
by VeryPuzzled on Thu 1st Sep 2005 18:15 UTC in reply to "Coupon code non-functional"
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The best thing to do is probably to write them an e-mail. I've registered a My.Linspire account and used their "Incident Based Ask Now / Email" support to forward my question about their "pre-expired" coupon.

Here's the direct link :

I understand that it might have generated a tremendous load on their systems, but I have not seen it on Slashdot yet... Maybe it's the OSNews effect! Eugenia said that she upgraded the site to v3.1... WOW! What an upgrade! ;-P

Anyways, where I come from, if a company advertises something (in real life AS WELL AS on the Web) and just breaks it without specifying a "while stocks lasts" clause, they have to honour it, even if they have to use a "rain check" coupon to delay until stocks are reprenished. They should at least fix the September 6th date if they have no intention on fulfilling orders with that coupon! Only time (and their reply to my question) will tell...

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Linspire wrote me back very quickly! Here's what they wrote :

Thank you for contacting Linspire.

Due to an overwhelming demand for access to our digital download and the “freespire” coupon, we have experienced some problems with the coupon validation process. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. I have been notified by our web team that the coupon expire date issue has been resolved, please try again.

Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this issue.

Linspire Support

Great responsive support! ;-) I've seen other profitable Linux companies that could take a Client Care lesson from them...

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