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Microsoft "This paper examines whether OOXML can be fully implemented by vendors other than Microsoft and concludes that a number of application specific and undisclosed behaviours (as well as a number of other technical flaws) in the proposed standard make this impossible. Also while Microsoft has waived patent claims for the explicit and required parts of the specification it is clearly stated that this does not extend to the undisclosed behaviours or ambiguous definitions, providing a legal as well as technical barrier to OOXML's implementation."
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MS Office Open XML or Open Office XML
by bedo on Mon 20th Aug 2007 19:14 UTC
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did you guys notice how Microsoft is playing with the words to confuse users between Office Open XML and Open Office XML.

they just reversed the order of the words Open and Office.

I bet there are many managers out there who will think Office Open XML format is same as OpenOffice XML format.

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sappyvcv Member since:

Open Office XML? You mean Open Document Format? How are they going to confuse ODF with OOXML?

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bedo Member since:

the average consumer has no clue about ODF. They see the name of the product which is Open Office and the format is in XML.

so, by that measure, it seems like MS Office Open XML, is the same thing,but from Microsoft.

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trenchsol Member since:

Yes, I noticed that OpenXML is a general standard, not identically equal to MS Office document format. MS Office formats are OpenXML compliant, with some extensions. Developer is free to implement those extensions as he/she see fit, but it might or might not be compatible with MS Office.

In other words, developer can create applications that could read and extract data from the majority of MS Office documents and create documents that could be read by MS Office. Developer can not create open source version of MS Office, for example.

Well, that sounds fair enough for me.

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